Thursday, 15 August 2013

Academic Writing Essentials – Importance of Conducting Appropriate Research

During their academic lives, students are on and off burdened with writing thesis, essays, research papers and dissertations. Since conducting relevant research on the subject is usually considered a hassle, most students simply use the limited amount of information that is readily available to include in their research papers. Mostly such academic writings without any prior research are narrow and generalized. Thorough research and that too from credible sources is extremely important for writing a good quality academic paper with broader ideas and credible facts.
Once you choose your academic writing topic, your very next step is to start researching through books, journals, live interviews from professionals and other reputable sources. While the internet has on one end made it easier for students to get their hands in information easily, it has also brought with it many curses such as plagiarism, lack of citations, etc.
The question is why students still feel intimidated when it comes to researching? There are a few issues students usually face when they are up for the job. These issues contribute to make it harder and harder for students to compile top quality research papers.
Let’s go through a few advantages of writing a top-quality academic research paper with well-cited facts and figures:

Proper research and citation brings authenticity to your academic writing. A well-researched academic paper is a reflection of factual information that has been obtained from experts and it increases the credibility of your writing.
If you think your topic is unique and will grab the attention of readers outside your academy, you can publish it in a scholarly journal. And, that needs thorough research and flawless citation so that your readers can take your work seriously.
Proper research helps you comprehend your topic well, write it in detail and speak confidently about the given information. You can even think on ideas that you initially missed while mapping your essay or thesis before conducting research.
Improved Research Skills
Many professors assign academic papers to students to sharpen their research skills. Research allows you to support your ideas with facts and make readers believe in your content. It also helps you understand the tricks of finding the most relevant content for your future assignments.
Plagiarism Prevention
Sometimes you come up with a unique and breakthrough idea and consider it a discovery. Only research can tell you the idea was already revealed by some scientist hundreds of years back. Research prevents plagiarism and helps you build on what has already been worked on.
Research is an essential and valuable tool used in any form of writing. It not only makes the writing more believable as supported by the facts and figures but also gets admiration of readers with its credible and quality-based content.

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